YM 383L Osaka

Made with cobalt ATS 314, the longest thinning scissors in the Osaka Range is particularly designed for barbers and men’s hairdressers who’d like to cut with more speed and efficiency.

With 3 smaller sharpened teeth at the end of each teeth, this thinning shears is designed to texturized smoothly the hair, without damaging them.

Shaped with teeth at the front of the straight blade, the Osaka YM 383L will smooth the shape more efficiently by cutting under the surface of the hair. This will leave a more natural blended result.

Additional information


ATS314 Cobalt


100% Made in Japan

Sizes (Inches)


Cutting Ratio

30% of the hair


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Ergonomically Designed Handle

The handle features a bigger thumb hole in order to improve comfort for those who prefer more space. Even with a longer blade length, the handle has been created so that there is good balance/control for the scissors.

Cutting Style

Osaka YM 383L removes 30% of the hair with its 7 inches blade length.

Every single tooth has been designed curved and composed of 3 smaller teeth in order to cut gently, without damaging hair cells.


Material Used

A special cobalt alloy is inside this amazing thinning scissors. Our master craftsmen team has spent time to research, create, develop and perfect this alloy. The consequence of using this steel are immediate as it improves sharpness, durability, resistance against corrosion and enhance the hardness of any hairdressing scissors and thinning shears.


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