YLS Osaka

One of the thinnest blade in the Osaka range, the YLS is a shears perfected for point cutting and precision cutting purposes.

Light and powerful, this shears is made from strong Cobalt ATS 314 for long lasting sharpness.

The handle has been molded to fit every thumb in order to give more comfort and stability.



Additional information


ATS314 Cobalt

Size (inches)

5.0 inches, 5.5 inches, 6.0 inches



Ergonomically Designed Handle

The thumbhole of the handle has been curved to fit naturally your thumb in order to make you feel like the scissors is a natural extension of your hand. There is an unprecedented cutting feeling and sturdy stability that this pair of Osaka YLS scissors can provide with this handle.


Cutting Style

Osaka YLS is exceptional for precision and point cutting. Thin blades allow texture to be created in any section of the hair which require precision and accuracy. Not to mention the lightweight of the scissors allows for more control and less strain throughout the day.

Material Used

Lightness and strength were the key words to create this alloy. In order to provide a perfect base for all scissors and sculptors, craftsmen have built and developed the Cobalt ATS 314 that provide outstanding durability and sharpness.


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