Scissor sharpening is an important step to maintaining your tools.  We have been sharpening for 30 years across Europe and have accumulated a wealth of experience.

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When do you need sharpening ?

Scissor sharpening depends on how often you cut and how well you maintain them throughout. It is generally advised to have your scissors checked and sharpened at least once a year to ensure there is no major issue with it.

If you are you facing similar issues to the below, you may need to contact us ASAP:

Scissors feeling loose?
Scissors folding hair?
Scissors pushing hair?

There could a few reasons which could cause your scissors to not cut properly, from bad sharpening previously done to having a chip in the blade from dropping or clipping your comb. There might even be an issue with your screw.

How do we solve your issue ?


Sharpening is a tough job and requires a number of steps in order to avoid damaging the scissors.

After dismounting, we inspect closely to check the specific issue.

We use Japanese stones (similar to those for knives) to remove impurities inside of each blade. This process requires the right tension in order to create the new edge of the blade.

We disc your scissors to remove all chips and inconsistencies on the outer blade.

We finally polish your scissors and check the balance of each blade before putting oil inside the screw.


Sharpening Process


Purchase a sharpening voucher from us. We will send you an email to confirm your location.

PICK UP – If you are within Sydney metro area, we are able to pick up and drop off the scissors at your salon.

POST – If you are not within Sydney metro, please post your scissors to us at the following address:


We will sharpen the scissors and post it back to you within 4 businesses days.

*We will notify you of any delays which may affect this KPI delivery date

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