SANBI SR Brush Series

– The SR series bristles has been designed for those with thin, soft and fine hair.

– It is made entirely from 100% soft boar bristles which give less tension on hair, making it ideal on damaged hair or fine hair.

– The flocking technology (implementation of boar hair into numerous fine holes) has been advanced by Sanbi and has evolved into a brush that is easy to use for beginners.

– Lightness of the brush is a result of the special hollow structure at the centre of the handle. This also provides for better airflow.

– The grip has been ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort.



Additional information


Boar hair + natural wood

Diameter (mm)

SR352 45mm, SR402 53mm, SR552 63mm



Ergonomically Designed Handle

The bristles are made entirely with soft boar bristles. As an opposite to hard ones, the soft boar bristles brings less tension on hair,  making this round brush ideal for thin or medium hair. The density of these bristles will lubricate the hair strands with sebum, giving them shine and vitality.


Ergonomy and handle of the hair brush

The handle is carefully made with wood and is shaped for the hand. The lightness and the ergonomy of this handle has been studied in order to improve the airflow for the best usability.



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