SANBI PP 501 Series

– The PP501 is one of the best styling and finishing tools created by Sanbi using soft and hard boar bristles.

– One of the features is the lightness of the brush and is a result of the special hollow structure at the centre of the handle. This also provides for better airflow.

– The tip of the brush has been designed to tame any flyaway hairs whilst styling.

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Boar bristles + natural wood


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SANBI PP501 Brush

  • Sanbi PP501 flat brush features a lightweight wooden handle which gives an extra control and comfort on every strokes.
  • This handle is molded and shaped to your hand providing a comfortable natural grip whilst brushing the hair.
  • Made with pure boar bristles, it will bring shine to your hair and reduce frizzy hair by lubricate hair strands with sebum.


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