SANBI LC Brush Series

  • Handle made with wood with a thinned neck for a better grip when rolling the hair around the brush. Fit naturally into your hand. Depending on purchasing time, the wood may have different grains.


  • Boar and nylon bristles mix in order to work on fine and medium hair. The spacing between each rows of bristles  will decrease the tension, making it ideal for sensitive hair as well (avoid tearing off hair).


  • The nylon bristles will help catching the hair from the roots, making it hard to slip off.


Additional information


Nylon + Boar Hair + Natural wood handle

Diameters (mm)

LC20 42mm, LC25 48mm, LC35 63mm



Brush handle

The wooden handle will perfectly fit into your hand, improving the grip and making it perfect when rolling the brush on hair.


Brush bristles

Created with a mix of nylon and boar bristles in order to catch the hair from the roots. The spacing between each rows, makes the brush ideal on fine and medium but also sensitive hair (hair that has been damaged). The nylon bristle will catch hair whilst the boar bristles will give shine and gloss to your hair.


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