Sakura is a hybrid between thinning scissors and straight scissors.

Uniquely designed with teeth sharpened to the extreme, this special thinning scissors has been studied like a straight blade which has the ability to texturize hair efficiently.

The SAKURA has been shaped like a classic thinning with teeth behind the straight blade. This enable the thinner to cut the surface of the hair, breaking the shape and giving more spiky hair. This is particularly ideal for scissors over comb work for barbers as it eliminates the need to use both straight and thinning scissors to create a natural blend finish.

Additional information


ATS314 Cobalt


100% Made in Japan

Sizes (Inches)

6.0 inches

Cutting Ratio

70% of the hair


5 in stock

Classically Designed Handle

The Sakura contains a classic handle, otherwise known as non-offset. For those who have used this scissor, the focus has been its impeccable teeth design as explained in the cutting style below.


Cutting Style

The Osaka Sakura teeth are one of a kind design. The teeth has been designed for two functions, to have 70% of hair removal and to leave a flawless, natural blend in the hair. As such, this makes the absolute perfect scissor over comb shears. Might look difficult to use however the feedback from barbers have been very positive. Efficiency and beautiful finish with hair.


Material Used

ATS 314 is the name given to a special alloy of steel forged like the Yasugi Steel. Benefit from the knowledge and know how of many master craftsmen in Japan, this special cobalt equip the very best hair scissors in Osaka premium Range. Prolonging sharpness, enhancing the resistance against corrosion, and improving durability are key elements brought by this steel to the hairdressing scissors and thinning scissors.


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