Perlite 30T Osaka

Sleek and black titanium thinning scissors which removes 25%-30% of hair.

Suitable for all levels of hairstylists, especially those who may be allergic to carbon steel.
Layer of titanium helps prevent reactions

Additional information


Hitachi 440C + Titanium

Size (inches)

5.5 inches

Hair Removal %

25%-30% of the hair


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Semi Offset Designed Handle

The Perlite 30 teeth has been designed with semi-offset handles for more comfort and control. A removable pinky rest                                                                provides an option for those who do not  prefer it to remove it.

Cutting Style

Teeth has been designed so that hair removal is gentle and smooth, leaving your customers with a
comforting experience. Teeth are also behind the straight blade, allowing a more texturized result, breaking the shape and producing spiky hair.

Material Used

Created with a layer of black titanium, Osaka Perlite is originally composed of Yasugi Steel (Hitachi 440C). From the handle to the edge, the coating in black titanium has been applied in a specific way making the scratching even harder.


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