Osaka YH

Osaka YH has clam blade which has built its popularity through its versatility and efficiency.

Additional information


ATS314 Cobalt


100% Made in Japan

Hair Removal %

30% cutting ratio

Size (inches)

5,5 inches, 6,0 inches, 6,5 inches, 7,0 inches



Straight Shape

A straight classic handle which will satisfy the most traditional and demanding hairdressers. Osaka YH is a modern version of any classic shaped scissors.

Cutting Style

Lightness and strength have been the driving words when our craftsmen have created the scissors. with its straight versatile blade, the japanese YH are real reference in their domains. The light blade will bring smoothness and simplicity.

Material Used

The ATS 314 is a special cobalt made in Japan by skillful master Japanese craftsmen. Heated and cooled down several times to give its legendary hardness, the cobalt ATS 314 is forged and hammered to give the shape of Osaka Premium hairdressing and thinning scissors. These special ways to work the steel brings hardness and enhance sharpness and resistance against corrosion.


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