Osaka TAN 30T

Popular for barbers – with a flat blade, this is ideal for scissor over comb technique. Smoothest and sleekest black design scissors

Ergonomic handles have been designed to ensure there is balance and control especially those in the longer size. Material used is Carbon 440C + a layer of Titanium for those who may have allergies to carbon steel


Additional information


Hitachi 440C + Titanium

Size (inches)

5.5 inches, 6.0 inches, 6.5 inches, 7.0 inches


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Ergonomically Designed Handle

The thumbhole of the handle has been curved to fit naturally your thumb in order to make you feel like the scissors is a natural extension of your hand. No doubt this pair of scissors will sit comfortably in your hand preventing strain.


Cutting Style

The OSAKA TAN thinning scissors removes 30% of hair. Can be used to reduce volume or to create textures resulting in nice natural blend in the hair.


Material Used

Osaka TAN Thinning scissors features a composition of metals which are strong and resistant against corrosion. The Hitachi 440C, also known as Yasugi Steel contains reduced impurities and made with iron sands extracted from the Japanese mountains in Chugoku region in Shimane prefecture. The quality of this steel can be felt from every cut made.


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