Osaka Left Handed TAL

Osaka TAL Left handed is a pair of scissors that features an ergonomic thumb handles in order to enhance the stability and the grip whilst you cut.

A thin blade combined with an extra lightness allow every type of precision cutting and point cutting on thin and fine hair.

Made with strong 440C Hitachi Carbon to enhance sharpness, TAL has all it need to start, develop or perfect your precision skills.

Thick screw easy to adjust, available in 6 colors variations (Black, Light Blue, Red Flame, Blue Flame, Blue).

Additional information


Hitachi 440C

Size (inches)

5,0, 5,5

Screw Colors

Black, Light Blue, Red Flame, Blue Flame, Blue



Ergonomically Designed Handle

The thumbholes of this special hairdressing scissors has been designed in order to improve the thumb comfort. Once in hand, every hairdresser will feel that the Osaka TAL is a natural extension of the hand. Lightweight body, and easy to use, Osaka TAL is designed for precision cutting and point cutting.


Cutting Style

Osaka TAL is a special light hairdressing shears designed for every single point cutting or precision work. The thin and pointy blade can overcome hair with accuracy in order to break the texture, to create movements on hair.


Material Used

Osaka TAL is a lefty shears featuring the use of High quality Carbon 440C (also called Yasugi Steel). This steel guarantee a sharp edge and a rare ductility for a shears in the middle range.

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