Osaka C4

The original Osaka C4 features a semi ergonomic flat handle, ideal for giving stability and grip when texturizing or cutting. The removable finger rest, gives an extra comfort for those who need.

Made with 440C Hitachi Carbon Yasugi Steel, the Osaka C4 features a light powerful blade for all precision and point cutting purposes.

Thick screw, easy to adjust to customize the tension for yourself. Available in red, pink, silver, gold, black and blue color.

Additional information


Hitachi 440C + Titanium

Size (inches)

5.0 inches, 5.5 inches, 6.0 inches, 7.0 inches


Red, Pink, Blue, Black, Gold, Silver

Cutting Style

General cutting purposes, precision and point cutting



Ergonomically Designed Handle

The semi ergonomic handle is close to a classic level set handle but it is slightly offset. This reduces strain when opening and closing the shears daily and a flow on comfort effect for the arm, elbow and wrist.  The finger rest can be removed depending on any hairdresser’s preference.

Cutting Style

Osaka Original Osaka was the first ever Osaka hairdressing scissors. Whilst most of the shears are specialized in one or 2 cutting styles, this old-school shears have retained the old-school mentality which was having the best with the minimum. This spirit has been used and kept in mind when our craftsmen decided to create these scissors and the result is an amazing clam blade suitable for most of the cutting style with a strong preference for precision cutting and point cutting.

Material Used

From iron sand extracted in Japanese mountain, the Yasugi Steel brings hardness and sharpness to the blades of each hair scissors. This special steel has been studied and developed by our special craftsmen team to remove as much impurities as possible. The result is an amazing steel with a high carbon composure.


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