ATS 147 Osaka

Innovation and technology has led to these thinning scissors.

Double complete teeth allows you to texturize without feeling friction on the blade. This special double teeth system allow the user to take on medium/big strands of hair allowing a more natural result, without line on hair.

Cobalt used brings out the quality cuts and feelings. Your clients will also feel the difference.

Additional information


ATS314 Cobalt


100% Made in Japan

Hair Removal %

45% of the hair

Size (inches)

6.0 inches


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Classically Designed Handle

Osaka 147 features naturally a straight level set handle in order to give to anyone the possibility to use the thinning shears in any angle. These types of handle coupled with heaviness of the shears ensure power for a better texturizing experience.

Cutting Style

 The double teeth will increase the efficiency and the smoothness of your haircut as the scissors glide gently on hair without damage and  friction. The double teeth allows any stylist to texturize the hair naturally without having to perform scissor over comb on clients.


Material Used

Forged in Japan following the traditional Japanese methods, ATS 314 is a type of steel which can be considered as the new and modern steel that equipped Japanese blades and now hairdressing scissors. By enhancing the sharpness and the resistance against the corrosion and having the property to improve hardness, ATS 314 is the perfect base for crafting the best hair scissors and thinning shears


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Osaka Cobalt Thinning

Osaka Cobalt Scissors

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Osaka Left Handed Series

Osaka thinning shears

Osaka Professional Thinning

Osaka thinning shears


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