Osaka A7

Light and thin blade for precision cutting and point cutting purposes. Ease of use and comfort have been the words during the creation of these professional shears.

Osaka A7 features a 3D thumb ergonomic handle for more stability and comfort with a removable finger rest, ideal for extra comfort. Offset handle avoid repeating useless effort when opening the shears.

Thick screw easy to adjust, 4 different color variations : Pink, Purple, Light Blue, Green.

Additional information


Hitachi 440C + Titanium

Size (inches)

5.0, 5.5, 6.0

Screw color

Pink Purple, Light Blue, Green

Cutting Style

General cutting purposes, point cutting , precision cutting



Ergonomically Designed Handle

Uniquely designed and studied, the handle will fit naturally in hairdresser’s hand. The finger rest compliments the firm grip on the scissors. Slightly curved, the thumb hole has been specifically designed to give a relaxed position to the arms while cutting.

Cutting Style

Straight medium blade suitable to all kind of styles including precision cutting, point cutting or even cutting through thin or medium hair, Osaka A7’s pointy blade allows more precision than an average pair of scissors and the lightness gives control, freedom and stability to any user. Flat enough blade also allows scissor over comb technique.

Material Used

Forged with the Yasugi Steel, Osaka A7 is one of the most popular scissors due to its price quality ratio. Indeed, formed and shaped thanks to iron sands directly extracted from Japanese mountains in the Chugoku Area in Japan, Osaka A7 is professional with guaranteed sharpness and durability.


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