Omega Passion

  • The Omega combines a powerful sword like blade with special ball bearing screws.
  • The blade is thicker, allowing blunt cuts which can get through thick voluminous hair.
  • Ball bearing screw technology has been used for reduced friction and ultimate smoothness.
  • Ergonomic handles designed so there is less strain on wrists and arms.

Additional information


VG10 Cobalt


100% Made in Japan

Sizes (Inches)

5.5 inches, 6.0 inches, 6.5 inches



Ergonomically Designed Handle

Offset handle design allows for increased comfort and less strain on the wrist, elbows and arms. There is a removable pinky rest if you prefer it not to be there. This is a step up from the Orca design which is only semi-offset.

Cutting Style

Cutting style is very similar to the Orca. Both Orca and Omega have sword like blades and both are great for cutting through thick hair with maximum efficiency.  The ball bearing screw has been implemented into this special scissors, allowing next to no friction when opening and closing of the scissors.

Material Used

Made in Japan, Japanese master craftsmen  have developed and perfected a precious cobalt alloy called the ATS 314. By creating a long-lasting sharp edge combined with a softness to the steel, the ATS 314 allows a smooth cut yet maintaining hardness and resistance against corrosion. This elite metal is used for the finest shears in our Passion range.


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