Osaka Mikazuki – Japanese hairdressing ergonomic scissors


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  • • Weight mainly focused on the handle to allow more control when precision cutting.
  • • Crafted from famous japanese VG-10 Cobalt and 100% made in Japan, Seki Region.
  • • Super ergonomic handle with the thumbhole twisted in order to increase comfort and cutting pleasure.
  • • Curved blade in order to prevent muscular disorder and bizarre wrist angles.
  • • Designed for point cutting, fringe cut, around the ear cut, scissors over comb.

Additional information


VG10 Cobalt


100% Made in Japan

Sizes (Inches)

5.5 inches, 5.8 inches, 6.3 inches

Cutting Style

Slice Cutting – Blunt Cutting – Precision cutting


Product Description

osaka curved scissors mikazuki



Simply Made in Japan


Osaka Mikazuki is an uncommon scissors, particularly made for hairdressers who seek original tools to create the shape of tomorrow.

Designed like a Half Moon, the Osaka Mikazuki has been crafted from the famous Japanese VG-10 Cobalt, popular among high end knives for chef.

From the handle to the point, every single aspect has been reviewed in order to increase and optimize the comfort of every hair cutter.

osaka curved scissors mikazuki


Unique Curvature For a Unique Comfort : 


The curved blade allow an easier point cutting as it naturally reach the hair without the need of twisting the wrist.

This extra comfort avoid any muscle disorder to any hairdressers using these shears.

The curvature of the blade is also convenient for every fringe cut, and around the ear cut.

At last, barbers and men’s cutter will find it easier to do scissors over comb in order to fade the cut.

Indeed, the special handle avoid barbers to elevate the elbow too much whilst cutting, increasing comfort and efficiency.

osaka curved scissors mikazuki
osaka curved scissors mikazuki

Recommended Way to Hold a Pair of Scissors : 


It is recommended to hold the shears without entering too much the thumb into the thumbhole.

Indeed, doing that will force any hairdresser to keep the wrist into an uncomfortable situation, enforcing the risk to develop muscle disorder.


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