Mikazuki Osaka Curved Scissors

– With a uniquely pronounced curvature thick blade, the Tsuki is specially designed for fringes and around the ear cuts.

The curvature feature, coupled with an ultra ergonomic handle prevents muscular fatigue (wrist, elbow and shoulder) when doing scissors over comb or when point cutting hair.

The handle features twisted thumb ring for an improved comfort and extra stability.

– Suitable for point cutting, slicing and scissors over comb.

Additional information


VG10 Cobalt


100% Made in Japan

Sizes (Inches)

5.5 inches, 5.8 inches, 6.3 inches

Cutting Style

Slice Cutting – Blunt Cutting – Precision cutting



Ergonomically Designed Handle

The handle is an amazing 3D ergonomic design. The Mikazuki focuses on on the 45 degree angle of the position of the thumb, allowing the entire hand to hold the scissor with comfort and ease. This is definitely a step up from the normal ergonomic offset scissor designs.

Cutting Style

Osaka Mikazuki is an exceptional tool among the professional hairdressing scissors. The curved blade has been designed by our team of Japanese craftsmen for ergonomic purposes  – helps stylist rest their arms, elbow and wrist and reducing carpal tunnel issues. The curved nature allows the stylist to reach certain areas of the hair with ease e.g. fringe, around the ear etc. For this purpose, point cutting is made super easy with this scissor. The blade is thick enough to retain enough power to slice or blunt cut any type of hair.

Material Used

VG-10 is a masterpiece steel, made with alloy steel by Japanese master craftsmen and featuring in our Osaka Premium hairdressing scissors and thinning shears. With a complex combination of carbon, molybdenium and vanadium, our Japanese craftsmen team has been able to create shears using this premium material to give more sharpness and durability than your average hair scissors.


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