Kagami Osaka Left Handed Scissors

Crafted with the strong ATS314 cobalt, giving long lasting edge.

The handle features offset rings in order to avoid and limit efforts when opening and closing the blade. The thumb ring is also twisted for thumb confort and stability purposes.

Blade is thick enough to allow blunt cutting and slice cutting works. Its versatility has been praised around the world.

Additional information


ATS 314 Cobalt

Size (inches)

5.5 inches, 6.0 inches



Ergonomically Designed Handle

Natural offset holes and super ergonomic handle has built most of the popularity of these shears among left handed hairdressers. Indeed, the natural curvature of the holes will fit naturally on your thumb to become a natural extension of your hand. Providing stability and firm grip, these hairdressing shears will contribute on giving extra power.


Cutting Style

Osaka Kagami is hair cutting tools which features thick blades. Those blades are connected with s prominent powerful screw and has developed a strength useful in any cutting or slice cutting works. Running through thick or thin hair, cutting or gliding to create volume and shape.


Material Used

Created and optimized for 30 years with the High-Quality Carbon Yasugi Steel, Osaka Super Ergo features a good resistance against corrosion and a hardness against impact. This steel has been worked in different and sharpened using different level of sharpening stone to give an ergonomic hairdressing shears, suitable for any hairdressers, beginner or senior.



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