IKA Osaka

Top scissors featuring a powerful thick blade allowing for the ultimate slide cutting experience but it has been also designed for blunt cutting purposes. Scissor over comb recommended with this shear.

The handle features twisted thumb rings in order to give more comfort to the thumb when cutting or texturizing. Well balanced scissor with an ergonomic handle, made from strong and resistant VG10 cobalt.

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100% Made in Japan

Sizes (Inches)

5.8 inches, 6.3 inches

Cutting Style

Slicing, blunt cutting, Scissor over comb



Ergonomically Designed Handle

One of the high end ergonomical handles. Its thick thumb hole gives stability and grip for a smooth and powerful cut, much needed when doing slice cutting and blunt cutting on thick hair. Overall control is better, combine with a bit of weight for those who like to really feel the tools in their hands.


Cutting Style

Among the full range of Osaka scissors,  Osaka Ika (Squid in Japanese) has the most powerful blade. This makes it ideal for chopping through thick hair but at the same time allows for a seamless slice cutting action. The flat nature of the blade is an important feature for scissor over comb work as it sits nicely on the comb for increased accuracy.


Material Used

Forged from the purest material and invented in Japan, the VG-10 gives the most sustainable and an extreme hardness to every hairdressing scissors’ edges. The iron sands extracted from Japan are selected in order to forge the basics of a true cobalt VG-10. Thinning scissors and slice cutting shears made in cobaltVG-10 are designed to glide on hair without damaging them.


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