Hades Osaka

The Hades is one of our newest Osaka scissors, designed with a combination of Cobalt ATS 314 and Titanium

With a dual purpose of beautiful aesthetics and allergy preventions (from cobalt), this pair of scisssors is suitable for a range of stylists. This is a more weighted scissors for those who want the feeling of power and control. Ideal for slicing and blunt cuts thanks to the thick powerful blade. Ergonomic 3D handles for comfort and ease of use when opening and closing the shears.

Additional information


VG10 Cobalt + Titanium

Size (inches)

5.5 inches, 6.0 inches

Cutting Style

Slice cutting, blunt cutting



Ergonomically Designed Handle

The handle is an amazing 3D ergonomic design. The Hades focuses on a thicker surface area of the thumb hole, allowing movements to be more free. This allows the thumb to move around depending on the position of the hair stylist’s hands and wrists. This is definitely a step up from the normal ergonomic offset scissor designs.

Cutting Style

Osaka Hades features a thick blade which exudes power and pride – suitable for cutting thick hair and slice cutting. Without a doubt, one of the finest and aesthetically pleasing pair of scissors for those who work with clientele with copious amounts of hair.


Material Used

The ATS 314 is a special cobalt made in Japan by skillful master Japanese craftsmen. Heated and cooled down several times to give its legendary hardness, the cobalt ATS 314 is forged and hammered to give the shape of Osaka Premium hairdressing and thinning scissors. These special ways to work the steel brings hardness and enhance sharpness and resistance against corrosion.


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