GX Osaka

– GXL lefty scissors is an ideal pair for stylists who want quality and affordability.

– Thin blade designed for base and precision cutting with point cutting.

– Contains a thicker dovetail pinky rest which allows for ergonomic and comfort as well as grip and control over the blade. Offset rings avoid useless effort when opening and closing the blade (effort generally on wrist, shoulder and elbow).



Additional information


Hitachi 440C

Size (inches)

5.0 inches, 5.5 inches, 6.0 inches, 6.5 inches



Ergonomically Designed Handle

Osaka GX is a straight hair scissors which feature a straight old school handle. The biggest specificity is the thick finger rest (or dovetail like the name of the scissors) which gives much more control and stability than a normal finger rest. Offset holes contributes also to bring even more comfort by reducing the distance and by letting people open the scissors easily, avoiding hassle and useless effort.


Cutting Style

With a straight thin straight blade, Osaka GX is the perfect hair cutting tool for every precision cutting and point cutting work. Easy to use and light, these shears will suit for every cutter or hairdressers, beginner or more advanced. This ability to cut with precision can also be used to cut through thin hair or slice cut small amount of hair making these shears a perfect all-rounder for those who just started their hairdressing journey.


Material Used

Yasugi Steel is an alloy steel which include less impurities due to the high composition with iron sand extracted from the Japanese mountains in the Chugoku region. This steel brings the base to the hairdressing shears which is hardness and lightness for a better precision cutting feeling.


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