Dome Osaka

Newly introduced ATS 314 Cobalt scissors for those who prefer a classic handle with ergonomic twist

Handle has been altered with 3D angle affect so that those who prefer classic handles can still use this without deviating from comfort zone

Beautiful classic clam blade great for blunt cutting and slicing through hair. The thick blade is powerful and will please every hairdressers willing to have something they can feel and control.

Additional information


ATS 314 Cobalt

Size (inches)

5.5 inches, 6.0 inches

Cutting Style

Slice cutting, blunt cutting



Tweaked Classic Designed Handle

The Dome is one of the new scissors in our range. For stylists who prefer classic scissors (non-offset handle) but want to also get a feel for comfort and ergonomics, then this is the right pair for you. We have taken the non-offset handle and twisted it on an angle, providing extra movements for your thumb. This is an excellent choice for those who want a bit of classical flare in the handle without deviating too much from the normal non-offset handles.

Cutting Style

This pair is great for general cutting purposes. With a blade that is slightly curved, it allows for gentle smooth slicing cuts. At the same time, it is great for chopping through thin-medium thickness in hair. This beautiful pair of scissors is worth investing in for versatility purposes.


Material Used

Japanese master craftsmen have developed and perfected a precious cobalt alloy called the ATS 314. By creating a long-lasting sharp edge combined with a softness to the steel, the ATS 314 allows a smooth cut yet maintaining hardness and resistance against corrosion. This elite metal is used for the finest shears in our Osaka range.


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