CXS30T Osaka

– The CXS mirrors the CXE thinners in its quality and functionality. Only difference is the classic handle offered to cater to those who prefer this style

– CXS has a straight blade composed with 30 sharpened teeth for a cutting ratio of 30%. Originally designed for apprentice, this thinners has found a way to more experienced stylist to finally become a popular shears in Europe.

This thinning scissors allows the user to use it in both ways :

English style where the teeth are positioned behind the blade, allowing the user to texturize the surface of the hair. The will is to break the shape in order to get more spiky hair.

French Style : The particular position of the teeth below the straight blade, allow a more blended result. Because the shears will only cut the hair underneath the surface, the texturization will be less visible, and result will be more natural.


Additional information


Hitachi 440C

Hair Removal %

30% of the hair

Sizes (Inches)

6.0 inches


Ergonomically Designed Handle

Featuring a double finger rest, Osaka CXS is a thinning scissors which will allow the cut on both styles :

French style : With the teeth below the blade. This style will allow the user to texturize the surface of the hair. Also called slice cutting style, it will break the shape and the hair will end up being more natural

English style : With the teeth behind the blade. This style will allow the user to texturize the inner face of the hair. Used when doing scissors over comb, it will remove the lines on hair (appearing when doing scissors over comb).

Cutting Style

With curved teeth composed with 3 smaller one, Osaka CXS removes 30% of the hair in average without damaging hair cells. Hair will glide on the teeth before being removed gently.


Material Used

Yasugi Steel is made with iron sands extracted from Japanese mountains in the Chugoku area. These steel has been carefully studied and developed by our craftsmen team to give and combine both hardness and sharpness to every blade. Among the hairdressing equipment of most of the hairdressers in the world, most of them are made with Yasugi Steel High Carbon or an alloy of this steel as a base.


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