CX30T Osaka Thinning Scissors

Simple traditional thinning scissors with ease of use. Classic handles offering the use of thinners on both sides. Affordable without compromising quality, the handle is equipped with 2 finger rest in order to improve stability.

Additional information


Hitachi 440C

Hair Removal %

25% of the hair

Sizes (Inches)

5,5 inches


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Classically Designed Handle

One of our basic thinners containing classical handles. Useful for those who want to start of with a economical pair of scissors before moving onto advanced pair. The scissors can be used on both sides as it has pinky rests either way.


Cutting Style

Removes about 25% of hair when texturising.

English style where the teeth are positioned behind the blade, allowing the user to texturize the surface of the hair.

French Style : The particular position of the teeth is below the straight blade – allows more blended result. Because the shears will only cut the hair underneath the surface, the texturization will be less visible, and result will be more natural.


Material Used

 This thinner’s composition of metals are strong and resistant against corrosion. The Yasugi Steel contains reduced impurities and made with iron sands extracted from the Japanese mountains in Chugoku region in Shimane prefecture. The quality of this steel can be felt from every cut made.


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