CLX 30T Osaka Thinning Scissors

CLX 30T features one of the most smoothest thinners in our range. The curved style blades allows the hair to glide seamlessly when removing volume/texturising hair. Ergonomic handles for comfort and reduced strain.

Each teeth has been polished and the cutting ratio is 25% of the hair. To use in English style where the teeth are positioned behind the blade, allowing the user to texturize the surface of the hair.

Beautifully crafted and made in Japan

Additional information


VG10 Cobalt


100% Made in Japan

Hair Removal %

25% of the hair

Size (inches)

6.0 inches


5 in stock

Ergonomically Designed Handle

Osaka CLX30T has developed a handle which features big thumbholes to make this hair cutting tool fit into large hands. The offset and the comfort have been improved to the highest level by adding much more stability and grip in order to facilitate any cut. The VG-10 cobalt coupled with the thick blade have increased the weight to satisfy hairdressers who likes “feeling to have something into their hands”.

Cutting Style

The blade is composed with 30 teeth polished in order to let the hair gliding gently on hair. These special teeth will avoid damaging hair while texturizing and creating shape.

The teeth are behind the blade, allowing the user to texturize the inner face of hair. This ideal when doing scissors over comb because it helps removing “lines” on hair.

Material Used

V-Gold 10 has the label fully made in Japan. Developed in Fukui  by Japanese master craftsmen, this special steel is an alloy of carbon, molybdenium and vanadium which gives even more hardness and long lasting sharpness to the edge. This steel impacts tremendously the durability of the hairdressing scissors.



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