CL DUO Osaka

One of our most innovative thinning scissors. With a widely serrated straight blade, friction is reduced and the result of these thinners is a beautiful natural blend in the hair.

Can be used in both sides :

English style where the teeth are positioned behind the blade, allowing the user to texturize the surface of the hair. The will is to break the shape in order to get more spiky hair.
French Style : The particular position of the teeth below the straight blade, allow a more blended result. Because the shears will only cut the hair underneath the surface, the texturization will be less visible, and result will be more natural.


– Recommend for smooth cutting sensation. the double teeth enable also 2 different cutting ratio : 25% when using in french style (teeth below) or 30% when using it in english style (teeth above)

– Use of Cobalt Japanese steel adds to its quality and functionality

Additional information


VG10 Cobalt


100% Made in Japan

Hair Removal %

25% of the hair or 30% of the hair (depend of the side).

Size (inches)

6.0 inches


3 in stock

Classically Designed Handle

Classic level set handle but slightly curved in order to make every single hairdressers and hair stylists to cut with the maximum of comfort.

This handle allow the hairstylist to cut with both style (French with the teeth below the straight blade and English Style).


Cutting Style

Among the full professional range of thinning scissors, Osaka CL DUO is an exception.

Its double sided teeth has been specially designed to create a perfect texture on hair without leaving any lines or steps (which usually appears when doing scissors over comb).

These teeth also decrease the friction between the scissors and the hair, increasing the smoothness and the pleasure to cut.

These features coupled with the lightness of the thinning shears will also make any point cutting and slice cutting easier to anyone.


Material Used

V Gold 10 is a special cobalt alloy steel which has primarily designed for Japanese knives and cutlery. This material constitute the base and the fundamental for every premium hairdressing scissors among the Osaka range. Giving long lasting edge and even more durability and hardness, Osaka Premium Japanese hair scissors truly reflects the best Japanese quality.


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