CB Osaka

Featuring an ergonomic offset handle, the Osaka CB allow the user to cut whilst resting the elbow and the shoulder. With a removable finger rest, this shears gives an extra stability when doing scissors over comb.

The blade is also thin and light allowing any texturization works which require accuracy and control (precision cutting and point cutting). It’s a blade suitable for thin and fine hair.

A perfect scissors to introduce the Osaka range and to start off your trip.

Additional information


Hitachi 440C

Size (inches)

5.0 inches, 5.5 inches, 6.0 inches



Ergonomically Designed Handle

This hair cutting tool has a handle easily recognizable by its offset holes which limit the effort to open completely the scissors.

This handle gives more stability to any students and apprentice to start with excellent base their hairdressing journey.

The finger rest can be removed as well depending on the user’s preference (but we highly recommend to keep it as this finger rest is also a part of the design and contribute in giving stability and comfort).


Cutting Style

Osaka CB is equipped with a medium versatile enough blade to give the pleasure to cut on doll hair or human hair.

Although it has a clear preference for point cutting and precision cutting works, Osaka CB is the kind of hairdressing shears which gives enough strength and power to any apprentices to complete and continue to learn.


Material Used

With the High Carbon Steel, Yasugi Steel, Osaka has created a hairdressing scissors specially designed for hairdressing students and apprentice to let  everyone have a taste about what Osaka Scissors are.

This premium material gives softness and delicacy to the cut to give to any people a perfect entry in their hairdressing journey.


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