ATS 314SL Osaka

The most traditional thinning scissors but also one of the most popular among our range for lefties.

Its straight blade with 30 super sharp teeth, removes between 30 to 35. French Style : The particular position of the teeth below the straight blade, allow a more blended result. Because the shears will only cut the hair underneath the surface, the texturization will be less visible, and result will be more natural.

Its power for slicing purposes are the main reason of its popularity.

Additional information


ATS314 Cobalt


100% Made in Japan

Hair Removal %

30% of the hair

Sizes (Inches)

6.0 inches


Ergonomically Designed Handle

The thumbhole of the handle has been curved to fit naturally your thumb in order to make you feel like the scissors is a natural extension of your hand. The shape of these hairdressing shears has been made curved so it’s easier to point cut and to do precision cutting work. Ensuring firm grip and stability, Osaka Zeta is a true masterpiece all pack in one to face any type of situations.

Cutting Style

Osaka Zeta features a clam blade which has the same sharpness as a razor. This all rounder blade is suitable for point cutting, cutting thin/medium hair and slice cutting. Combined with a ball bearing screw, this scissor cuts flawlessly.

Material Used

Osaka Zeta features a composition of metals which are strong and resistant against corrosion. The Yasugi Steel contains reduced impurities and made with iron sands extracted from the Japanese mountains in Chugoku region in Shimane prefecture. The quality of this steel can be felt from every cut made.

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