ATS 314S Osaka Thinners

Our most traditional thinning scissors but also one of the most popular. Its straight blade and 30 sharp teeth removes between 30 to 35%.

Available option of double pinky rests allows the stylist to use the scissors both ways (straight to counter blade). The power to slice serves as one of the main reasons for its popularity.

French Style : The particular position of the teeth is below the straight blade thus allowing a more blended result. Because the shears will only cut the hair underneath the surface, the texturization will be less visible, and result will be more natural.

Additional information


ATS314 Cobalt


100% Made in Japan

Hair Removal %

30% cutting ratio

Size (inches)

6.0 inches


5 in stock

Classically Designed Handle

Straight Classic handle allows the hairdressers to cut with 2 styles (English with the teeth above the straight blade, or French with the teeth below the straight blade). These thinning scissors are bit heavier and suitable for hairdressers who like to feel the scissors in their hands.

Cutting Style

Osaka ATS314 is a thinning shears which will satisfy the most traditional and demanding hairdressers. Equipped with 30 sharpened teeth designed in a very special way, Osaka ATS314 is designed to smoothly glide on hair without crushing hair cells or damaging ends – as a consequence hair will regrow naturally without any split ends.

Material Used

The ATS 314 is a special cobalt made in Japan by skillful master Japanese craftsmen. Heated and cooled down several times to give its legendary hardness, the cobalt ATS 314 is forged and hammered to give the shape of Osaka Premium hairdressing and thinning scissors. These special ways to work the steel brings hardness and enhance sharpness and resistance against corrosion.


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