Osaka ATS 314S : Japanese handmade hairdressing scissors


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  • • Cutting ratio of 35% of the hair
  • • Made with the premium ATS 314 Cobalt
  • • Carefully crafted one by one, each teeth have been designed to avoid any damage on hair
  • • Level set handle, suitable to be used in the french style or the english style (read the below)

Additional information


ATS314 Cobalt


100% Made in Japan

Hair Removal %

30% cutting ratio

Size (inches)

6.0 inches

5 in stock

Product Description

japanese thinning scissors osaka ats 314s

Specially Gifted Thinning Scissors 


These thinning shears have been carefully crafted by Master Tatsuya Kuribayashi, also known as the magician and genius of the thinning scissors.

They don’t damage hair, don’t make the hairdressers getting tired easily and they last for a lifetime, in other words they have all the characteristics, a hairstylist would seek for a high end hairdressing scissors.

Made with the premium ATS 314 japanese cobalt and following traditional craftsmanship method, Osaka ATS 314S is a true masterpiece, vital for all senior hairdressers.

japanese handmade thinning scissors

Usual Teeth on Common Thinning Scissors 


Common thinning scissors usually have straight V shape teeth. 

When texturizing with these thinning shears, hairdressers will damage the hair, as hair cells will be caught into the hollow of the teeth and will be crushed by the straight blade.

Thus, the hair will be heavily damaged by the thinning scissors and when regrowing, it can create splits ends.

japanese handmade thinning scissors
japanese thinning scissors osaka ats 314s

Special Teeth on Osaka Thinning Scissors 


One of the biggest features comes from the teeth of the Osaka Thinning Scissors.

Studied for years, these special teeth are designed curved in order to allow a smooth hair removal, even when the blades become a bit dull.

On top of that, every single teeth are equipped with smaller ones, allowing smaller quantities of hair to be caught and cut by the blade. This feature avoid any damage on hair and allow a complete cut, with no split ends.

japanese thinning scissors osaka ats 314s

A Versatile Tool 


Osaka ATS 314S comes with a level set handle.

Although not recommended for straight blades, it’s the perfect handle for thinning scissors because it allows the hairdressers to use the thinning scissors to texturize in many ways.

The english style is characterized by the teeth being behind the straight blade, allowing the user to cut and texturize the surface of the hair. This is essential and useful for hairdressers who are doing a lot of scissors over comb so specialized into men’s cut.

japanese thinning scissors osaka ats 314s
japanese thinning scissors osaka ats 314s

A Versatile Tool 


The french style is used by hairstylist who would like to texturize by slide cutting hair. The extra weight of these shears make the slide cutting even easier and smoother as the thinning scissors retains more power.

As deeper hair are removed (the surface is untouched), the texturization will be softer avoiding heavy spike on hair.


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