ARC Passion

Crescent shaped blade has been designed to reach hair at more comforting angles. Functionality comes from its ability to point cut and slice around the contour of the face without difficulty. The ergo handle fits comfortably in your hands


Additional information


ATS314 Cobalt


100% Made in Japan

Size (inches)

5.5 inches, 6.0 inches



Ergonomically Designed Handle

The thumb hole has been curved so that the thumb has increased comfort,  making the scissors feel it is a natural extension of your hand. From the moment you hold the scissors in your hand, you will understand the natural comfort this provides when trying to cut in all positions.

Cutting Style

The shape of these hairdressing shears has been made curved so it is easier to point cut and to do precision cutting work. The angled blade allows you to reach hair in difficult to reach positions such as fringe cuts or around the ear. Comfort is a top factor here.

Material Used

Made in Japan, Japanese master craftsmen  have developed and perfected a precious cobalt alloy called the ATS 314. By creating a long-lasting sharp edge combined with a softness to the steel, the ATS 314 allows a smooth cut yet maintaining hardness and resistance against corrosion. This elite metal is used for the finest shears in our Passion Range


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