2 Steps Passion

Tooth design enables hair to glide smoothly down the blade edge when being cut rather than being trapped and causing friction.

2 Step also reduces your cutting time as it eliminates the need to blend in hard lines as
with conventional thinning scissors

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Hitachi 440C Steel

Cutting ratio

30% of the hair


28, 40

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Ergonomically Designed Handle

Ergonomic handles providing extra comfort and less strain on the wrists, elbows and arms. Ideal for those who are suffering from repetitive strain injury to release some pressure.

Cutting Style

The 2 Step has a cut ratio of 30% of hair. The design of the teeth reduces the texturalising line, allowing the stylist to
create a softer and naturally blended look.

Material Used

The two step features a composition of metals which are strong and resistant against corrosion. The Hitachi 440C steel contains reduced impurities and made with iron sands extracted from the Japanese mountains in Chugoku region in Shimane prefecture. The quality of this steel can be felt from every cut made.


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