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Avanti Passion


If you are looking for a pair with a fine pointed blade for precision cutting, the Avanti is your answer. The slim design and its sleek features makes this pair of scissors both good looking and affordable whilst it is for precision cutting, it can also straight cuts across the hair for a find base line

Offset handles to provide for comfort.



Kasho KDM Scissors


The KASHO Design Master Series is one of the best introductory Kasho models.

The Design Master Series is available as a straight or ergonomically designed offset model.

The easy to recognize handle, allow less hassle and effort when opening and closing the hairdressing shears.

The semi-convex blades are satin finished and the screw has been designed for easy tension adjustments.



Kasho KIV Lefty


The KASHO Ivory Lefty Series represents the upper middle category of the KASHO  scissors. Designed for left handed, the thin and light blade allow every single precision and point cutting works. 

Semi ergonomic handle to avoid doing any useless effort and hassle when opening and closing the shears.

Thick screw easy to adjust in order to customize the tension for yourself.