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Avanti Passion


If you are looking for a pair with a fine pointed blade for precision cutting, the Avanti is your answer. The slim design and its sleek features makes this pair of scissors both good looking and affordable whilst it is for precision cutting, it can also straight cuts across the hair for a find base line

Offset handles to provide for comfort.



Kasho KIV Lefty


The KASHO Ivory Lefty Series represents the upper middle category of the KASHO  scissors. Designed for left handed, the thin and light blade allow every single precision and point cutting works. 

Semi ergonomic handle to avoid doing any useless effort and hassle when opening and closing the shears.

Thick screw easy to adjust in order to customize the tension for yourself.


Osaka ATS 147 : High quality Made in Japan Thinning Scissors


Free shipping within Australia for all orders over A$150
Free shipping on all international orders over A$200

  • • Crafted from high quality japanese ATS 314 Cobalt Steel.
  • • Double complete teeth to texturize hair without friction.
  • • Minimal line on hair for a even more natural result
  • • Hair removal 45%

Osaka CB : Ergonomic Apprentice Hairdressing Scissors

  • • Ergonomic and offset shape mainly designed for apprentice but also hairdressers seeking for more comfort
  • • Crane Handle in order to avoid muscle disorders
  • • Thin and light blade to allow any texturization work which require accuracy and control.
  • • Works on thin and medium hair

Passion ARC Professional Curved Hairdressing Scissors

  • • Curved shape designed to reach the hair easily when point cutting
  • • Forged from premium Japanese Cobalt Steel ATS 314 for a long lasting cut
  • • Ergonomic handle designed to fit your hands in order to become an extension of your own arm.
  • • Beautifully balance scissors



Passion Eclipse Premium Hair Scissors

  • • Curved Handle to reach the hair easily in order to point cut.
  • • Curvature will also help barbering ans Scissors Over Comb
  • Thin Blade designed to perform and cut accurately
  • • Carefully Crafted from Premium ATS 314 Cobalt Steel

Passion Omega Hairdressing Scissors

  • The Omega combines a powerful sword like blade with special ball bearing screws.
  • The blade is thicker, allowing blunt cuts which can get through thick voluminous hair.
  • Ball bearing screw technology has been used for reduced friction and ultimate smoothness.
  • Ergonomic handles designed so there is less strain on wrists and arms.

Passion Orca Hairdressing Scissors

  • • Strong Powerful Sword Like Blade in Order to increase power and effectiveness
  • • Perfect for every kind of work, from Slice Cutting to Point Cutting
  • • Crafted from Premium ATS 314 Japanese Cobalt Steel
  • • Short Semi Offset Handle with Perfectly Balanced Scissors