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Osaka 1010D

  • Carefully crafted from the Japanese made VG-10 Cobalt Steel, popular in premium cutlery and knives
  • 10 incredibly sharp teeth, removing around 50% of hair.
  • Ergonomic handle with large thumb holes to increase comfort and cutting ergonomics
  • Smooth natural finish to any hair cut.

Osaka ATS 314S

  • Cutting ratio of 35% of the hair
  • Made with the premium ATS 314 Cobalt
  • Carefully crafted one by one, each teeth have been designed to avoid any damage on hair
  • Level set handle, suitable to be used in the french style or the english style (read the below)
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Osaka CL DUO

  • Innovative Thinning Scissors with widely serrated straight blade to reduce friction.
  • Double teeth blade designed to leave even less line on hair for a natural result.
  • Great for point cutting, and slide cutting hair.
  • Level set designed handle for a better grip and stability.
  • Carefully crafted from VG-10 Cobalt, popular in premium Japanese cutlery and knives.

Osaka CL-25T



  • Straight Classic Handle Crafted with Aligned Finger Rings.
  • Teeth Are polished to allow a minimal cutting ratio (10 – 15%)
  • Made and Crafted from VG-10 Cobalt Steel
  • Curved Teeth to avoid any damage on hair

Osaka CL-30T



  • Features a straight level set handle with double finger rest, providing more stability.
  • Curved polished teeth which remove 25% of the hair, for more control when texturizing.
  • Crafted with premium Cobalt VG-10, popular in premium cutlery and knives
  • Specially designed teeth to avoid any damage on hair.

Osaka CLX 30T

  • Larger thumbholes for even more comfort,
  • Offset Handle to offer more comfort when texturizing hair,
  • Polished Curved Teeth in order to remove gently hair (cutting hair = 25%)
  • • Specially designed teeth to avoid any damage on hair.
  • • Carefully crafted from VG-10 Cobalt, popular in premium japanese cutlery and knives.

Osaka CXC 30T

  • Perfect Partner of Osaka CB Straight Scissors
  • Offset rings in order to reduce effort on the hand and wrist whilst cutting
  • Slightly smaller to cut in sensitive areas where precision is needed;
  • Curved teeth to avoid split ends and damage on hair.
  • Crafted from 440C Hitachi Steel for a sharp blade

Osaka CXS 30T

  • • Mirror of the Osaka CXE but with a level set handle, perfect for those wanting to texturize hair in the easiest way
  • • Curved teeth carefully made to avoid any damage on hair
  • • Made with High Carbon Steel, the Hitachgi 440C
  • • Double Finger Rest to improve stability and control.

Osaka GX 40T


  • Thick finger rest in order to improve stability and comfort whilst cutting.
  • Blade composed with 40 teeth, designed to remove 30% of the hair.
  • Offset Handle with medium fingerholes to fit your hands.
  • Crafted from High Carbon Steel, 440C Hitachi.

Osaka JK38T

  • Great Thinning Scissors composed with 28 or 38 teeth, great for beginners and apprentices
  • Straight teeth designed to texturize the hair effectively.
  • 6.0 or 5.5 inches for a better precision cutting and texturizing
  • Made from 440C Hitachi Carbon Steel.



  • Osaka Sakura is a hybrid between a thinning Scissors and a straight Scissors (Having a Sakura is like having a thinning Scissors and a Straight Scissors at the same time).
  • Uniquely designed teeth in order to texturize the hair efficiently
  • Particularly ideal for scissors over comb work for barbers as it eliminates the need to use both straight and thinning scissors to create a natural blend finish.
  • Carefully made from Premium ATS 314 Japanese Cobalt Steel

Osaka TAN 30T

  • Titanium coated thinning scissors for hairdressers with allergy
  • Composed with 30 curved teeth, designed to remove 25% or 30% of the hair
  • Curved teeth to remove effectively hair without damaging them or creating split ends.
  • Offset handle with twisted thumb ring to develop comfort and ergonomy.