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Osaka TAN

  • Popular for barbers as it designed with a flat long blade made easier for scissors over combs
  • Smoothest and sleekest black design with titanium layer
  • Ergonomic handle with twisted rings in order to increase thumb comfort
  • Versatile blade made for blunt cuts and slicing

Osaka Mikazuki

  • • Weight mainly focused on the handle to allow more control when precision cutting.
  • • Crafted from famous japanese VG-10 Cobalt and 100% made in Japan, Seki Region.
  • • Super ergonomic handle with the thumbhole twisted in order to increase comfort and cutting pleasure.
  • • Curved blade in order to prevent muscular disorder and bizarre wrist angles.
  • • Designed for point cutting, fringe cut, around the ear cut, scissors over comb.

Osaka GX

$280.00 $196.00
  • Dovetail finger rest for improved stability and comfort whilst cutting
  • Thin blade great for texturizing and point cutting
  • Blade design is flat, enabling effective scissor over comb work
  • Offset handle with medium size finger holes
  • Crafted from High Carbon Steel, 440C Hitachi.