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Osaka A7 Versatile Hair Scissors

  • Light And Thin Blade for Precision And Point Cutting Purposes
  • Special Ergonomic Handle with a twisted ring in order to add extra comfort. Offset Handle to avoid repeating useless effort when opening the blades.
  • • Crafted from 440C Hitachi High Carbon Steel

Osaka C4 Perfect Quality Price Ratio Scissors

  • > First ever Osaka Scissors
  • > Flat blade ideal for general cutting purposes
  • > 440C Hitachi Carbon Steel for a long lasting edge
  • > Simple yet versatile

Osaka CA High Quality Apprentice Hairdressing Scissors

  • • Classic and level set shape mainly designed for apprentice but also traditional hairdressers
  • Double finger rest in order to give extra confidence and stability whilst cutting and texturizing
  • Thin and light blade to allow any texturization work which require accuracy and control.
  • • Works on thin and medium hair.

Osaka CB : Ergonomic Apprentice Hairdressing Scissors

  • • Ergonomic and offset shape mainly designed for apprentice but also hairdressers seeking for more comfort
  • • Crane Handle in order to avoid muscle disorders
  • • Thin and light blade to allow any texturization work which require accuracy and control.
  • • Works on thin and medium hair

Osaka GX : High Quality Professional Scissors

$280.00 $196.00
  • Thick finger rest in order to improve stability and comfort whilst cutting.
  • Thin Blade great for texturize the hair by point cutting.
  • • Blade flat enough to fit the comb when scissors over comb.
  • Offset Handle with medium fingerholes to fit your hands.
  • • Crafted from High Carbon Steel, 440C Hitachi.




Osaka Japanese High End Scissors CR

  • • Carefully crafted one by one, and made with the premium ATS 314 Cobalt.
  • • Great for precision cutting and point cutting thanks to the lightness and control.
  • • Weight located into the handle to increase control.
  • • Smaller rings for hairdressers with smaller fingers.
  • • Uniquely curved shape to reduce muscular fatigue for the elbow, shoulder and wrist while doing scissors over comb.
  • • Easier to reach hair when point cutting hair.
  • • Available in 4 sizes : 5.0 | 5.5 | 6.0 | 6.5 inches

Osaka Karasu Perfect Quality Price Ratio Scissors

  • > New addition to the OSAKA range
  • > Flat and thin blade ideal for general cutting purposes. Great for point and precision.
  • > 440C Hitachi Carbon Steel for a long lasting edge
  • > Simple yet versatile

Osaka Mikazuki – Japanese hairdressing ergonomic scissors

  • • Weight mainly focused on the handle to allow more control when precision cutting.
  • • Crafted from famous japanese VG-10 Cobalt and 100% made in Japan, Seki Region.
  • • Super ergonomic handle with the thumbhole twisted in order to increase comfort and cutting pleasure.
  • • Curved blade in order to prevent muscular disorder and bizarre wrist angles.
  • • Designed for point cutting, fringe cut, around the ear cut, scissors over comb.

Osaka MT Cutting Hair Scissors

$550.00 $500.00
  • VG-10 Cobalt for durability and razor sharp edge
  • Both thick and pointy blade for texturizing techniques
  • Super Ergonomic handle with small indentation for better grip
  • Ideal for point, slice and blunt cutting



Osaka Safari Titanium Professional Hair Scissors

$320.00 $224.00

The original Osaka Safari features a semi ergonomic flat handle, ideal for giving stability and grip when texturizing or cutting. The removable finger rest, gives an extra comfort for those who need.

Made with 440C Hitachi Carbon Yasugi Steel, the Osaka Safari features a light powerful blade for all precision and point cutting purposes.


Osaka TAN Black Titanium Professional Scissors

  • • Popular for Barbers, with the flat longue blade, made for scissors over combs
  • Smoothest and Sleekest Black Design Scissors (Titanium Layer)
  • Ergonomical handle with twisted rings in order to increase the thumb comfort
  • Versatile Blade made for every kind of cut.

Osaka YC Straight Precision Cutting Hairdressing Scissors


Free shipping within Australia for all orders over A$150
Free shipping on all international orders over A$200

  • Made in Japan
  • Premium Cobalt Steel ATS 314
  • For Precision Cutting and Point Cutting with a thin, light blade
  • Straight Level Set Handle for those who prefer this classic style