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Osaka GX

$280.00 $196.00
  • Thick finger rest in order to improve stability and comfort whilst cutting.
  • Thin Blade great for texturize the hair by point cutting.
  • • Blade flat enough to fit the comb when scissors over comb.
  • Offset Handle with medium fingerholes to fit your hands.
  • • Crafted from High Carbon Steel, 440C Hitachi.



Osaka RTA

  • Made with Hitachi 440C Carbon stell + titanium coating to enhance the durability of the hairdressing shears
  • Titanium helps with those allergic to carbon steel
  • Thick Blade for  powerful cut and smooth cuts
  • Ergonomic handle with twisted rings in order to improve stability and grip.

Osaka Zeta

  • Light and Powerful Blade for Barbering and Point Cutting
  • Thumb Comfort and Curvature to Avoid Pain on Shoulder, elbow and wrist
  • Twisted Rings in order to improve the grip and stability
  • • Made from 440C High Carbon Steel to enhance the edge