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Osaka Kagami Left Handed Professional Scissors

  • Carefully Crafted from premium ATS 314 Japanese Cobalt
  • Handle features offset rings to limit effort when opening and closing the shears
  • Twisted thumbrings to add extra grip and ergonomy.
  • Thick Powerful Blade in order to add power when slide cutting and blunt cutting hair.

Osaka L Series Lefty Hair Scissors

  • • Versatile Blade Made to Cut and Slide Cut Hair
  • • Made from 440C Hitachi High Carbon Steel
  • Offset Classic Shape Handle in order to limit effort when opening and closing the shears

Osaka Lefty NYL Left handed Scissors


Free shipping within Australia for all orders over A$150
Free shipping on all international orders over A$200

  • Versatile Blade Made to Cut and Slide Cut Hair
  • Carefully Made from Japanese Cobalt Steel ATS 314
  • Offset Classic Shape Handle in order to limit effort when opening and closing the shear

Osaka TAL Left Handed Hairdressing Scissors

  • • Ergonomic Thumbholes with twisted rings in order to improve the grip and the stability whilst cutting
  • • Thin Blade combining extra lightness and allow every precision cutting works
  • • Made from 440C Hitachi Steel, High Carbon Steel for long lasting edge

Osaka ZETA Left Handed Hair Cutting Scissors

  • • Light and Powerful Blade for Barbering and Point Cutting
  • • Thumb Comfort and Curvature to Avoid Pain on Shoulder, elbow and wrist
  • • Twisted Rings in order to improve the grip and stability
  • • Made from 440C High Carbon Steel to enhance the edge