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Kasho KDM Scissors


The KASHO Design Master Series is one of the best introductory Kasho models.

The Design Master Series is available as a straight or ergonomically designed offset model.

The easy to recognize handle, allow less hassle and effort when opening and closing the hairdressing shears.

The semi-convex blades are satin finished and the screw has been designed for easy tension adjustments.



Kasho KGR


With a semi ergonomic design, the Kasho Green Serie is a scissors made originally for point cutting and precision cutting purposes.

Thin and light blade, this shears comes with a longer handle for a better control. 

Thick screw designed to be easy to adjust in order to customize the tension.

Made with 440C Hitachi High Carbon for a long lasting sharpness of the edge, the Green Serie has everything packed to please everyone.


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Kasho KGRT 30T


The Green Series includes the texturizers, using the best technology to ensure smooth and seamless effort when removing hair.

This Texturizer has teeth behind the straight blade allowing hard texturization, helping to create spiky hair. This level of texturization is very helpful when doing scissors over comb, when removing “cutting lines” that can appear potentially.

Thick screw easy to adjust, in order to customize the tension for yourself.





Kasho KIV Series


The KASHO Ivory Series represents the upper middle category of the KASHO scissors. The tension adjustable screw allows fine tuning of the scissor tension.

Semi offset handles provide for comfort.

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Kasho KML


The KASHO Millennium Series represents one of the top designs of scissors of the range. 

Combining a versatile blade with a a classic handle, KASHO Millenium will meet every single need from any hairdressers.

From point cutting, to slide cutting and blunt cutting, these beautifully crafted scissors comes with a special non contact screw.

The patented Disc Operation System ensures perfect, even movement and optimum tension. The smooth operation of these high mirror polished scissor blades reduces cutting resistance to a minimum, which in turn reduces hand fatigue.


Kasho Wasabi T230


Kasho Wasabi range is a versatile range which offer a broad range of choice to any hairdressers.

The Wasabi T230F is a thinning scissors which has 30 teeth and remove about 30% of the hair. The teeth are below the straight teeth and are designed to remove and texturize gently the hair.

This particular way to position the teeth behind the straight blade allows the thinning to act as a true texturizer, leaving texture smoothly broken for a more natural finish.


Kasho Wasabi T230B


The WASABI series is an ideal introduction to the high end Japanese scissors.

The Kasho Wasabi T230B is a classic thinning scissors designed originally to make any texturizing work simple and fast.

The special design and position of the teeth behind the straight blade allow the user to break the shape in the most efficient way. That texturization is needed when doing scissors over comb in order to remove “cutting lines” that can appear on hair.

Classic handle for the most traditional hairdressers.