This collection has been our most ergonomic bunch of scissors yet. The curve design helps with relieving all strains in the wrist, arms and shoulders.  This is thanks how the scissor fits comfortably in your hands ranging from the position of the thumbs and the rested pinkies to the way the curvature allows the stylist to reach difficult ears ( e.g Around the ear ).

This Curvature Has been designed to enhance your point cutting style.

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Osaka Zeta

  • Light and powerful blade for barbering and point cutting
  • Thumb comfort and curvature designed to avoid pain on shoulder, elbow and wrist
  • Twisted handles in order to improve the grip and stability
  • Made from 440C High Carbon Steel to enhance cutting edge


Osaka CR

  • Lightweight curved scissors great for precision cutting and point cutting
  • Weight located into the handle to increase control.
  • Smaller rings for hairdressers with smaller fingers.
  • Uniquely curved shape to reduce muscular fatigue for the elbow, shoulder and wrist while doing scissors over comb.
  • Carefully crafted one by one, and made with the premium ATS 314 Cobalt.
  • • Available in 4 sizes : 5.0 | 5.5 | 6.0 | 6.5 inches

Osaka Mikazuki

  • • Weight mainly focused on the handle to allow more control when precision cutting.
  • • Crafted from famous japanese VG-10 Cobalt and 100% made in Japan, Seki Region.
  • • Super ergonomic handle with the thumbhole twisted in order to increase comfort and cutting pleasure.
  • • Curved blade in order to prevent muscular disorder and bizarre wrist angles.
  • • Designed for point cutting, fringe cut, around the ear cut, scissors over comb.

Osaka CLY

  • Crafted from VG-10 Cobalt for a long lasting sharpness of the  blade.
  • Powerful – the flaring blade has been designed for slicing and blunt cutting
  • Offset Handles with dovetail pinky rest for additional comfort and grip
  • Slightly curved handle for efficiency and avoiding strains on elbow, shoulder and wrist.
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