If you love a bit of bling and brightness, then you need add a splash of colour to your scissor kit today with our range of titanium scissors and customised colour screws! 

Titanium has primarily been used to accentuate the scissor’s aesthetics but it also serves to protect those with metal allergies! 

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Osaka TAN

  • Popular for barbers as it designed with a flat long blade made easier for scissors over combs
  • Smoothest and sleekest black design with titanium layer
  • Ergonomic handle with twisted rings in order to increase thumb comfort
  • Versatile blade made for blunt cuts and slicing

Osaka RTA

  • Made with Hitachi 440C Carbon steel + titanium coating to enhance the durability of the hairdressing shears
  • Titanium helps with those allergic to carbon steel
  • Thick Blade for  powerful cut and smooth cuts
  • Ergonomic handle with twisted rings in order to improve stability and grip.

Osaka TA

  • One of the earlier scissors designed in the Osaka range
  • Crafted from solid 440C Hitachi steel for longer lasting edge
  • Mirror polishing on surface to give extra gloss
  • Ergonomic handle with more thumb comfort
  • Thick blade in order to increase the smoothness whilst slicing

Osaka A7

  • Light and thin blade for precision and point cutting purposes
  • Special ergonomic handle with a twisted ring in order to add extra comfort.
  • Crafted from 440C Hitachi High Carbon Steel

Osaka C4

  • One of the first scissors designed in the OSAKA range
  • Flat blade ideal for general cutting purposes
  •  Made of 440C Hitachi Carbon Steel for a long lasting edge
  • Simple yet versatile
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