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Osaka C4

  • First ever Osaka Scissors
  • Flat blade ideal for general cutting purposes
  •  440C Hitachi Carbon Steel for a long lasting edge
  • Simple yet versatile

Osaka CXS 30T

  • • Mirror of the Osaka CXE but with a level set handle, perfect for those wanting to texturize hair in the easiest way
  • • Curved teeth carefully made to avoid any damage on hair
  • • Made with High Carbon Steel, the Hitachgi 440C
  • • Double Finger Rest to improve stability and control.

Osaka Karasu

  •  Made from Hitachi 440C and teflon handle
  •  Improved grip thanks to the special shape of the handle and the Teflon.
  •  Long Lasting blade made from 440C Hitachi Carbon Steel.
  •  Slightly offset rings for better comfort and holding of the scissors.

Osaka RTA

  • Made with Hitachi 440C Carbon stell + titanium coating to enhance the durability of the hairdressing shears
  • Titanium helps with those allergic to carbon steel
  • Thick Blade for  powerful cut and smooth cuts
  • Ergonomic handle with twisted rings in order to improve stability and grip.

Osaka TA

  • Most historic scissors and most popular in the Osaka range
  • Crafted from solid 440C Hitachi steel in order to increase the cutting edge
  • Mirror polishing to give extra gloss
  • Ergonomic handle with a more thumb comfort
  • Thick blade in order to increase the smoothness whilst slicing

Osaka TAN

  • • Popular for Barbers, with the flat longue blade, made for scissors over combs
  • Smoothest and Sleekest Black Design Scissors (Titanium Layer)
  • Ergonomical handle with twisted rings in order to increase the thumb comfort
  • Versatile Blade made for every kind of cut.

Osaka YMS

  • • Osaka YM Sword also called YMS is a powerful version of the Osaka YM
  • • Sword like Blade to cut even more efficiently : Blunt Cutting, Point Cutting and Slice Cutting
  • • Ergonomic Handle to offer the maximum of comfort.
  • • Crafted from the premium ATS 314 Japanese Cobalt.

SANBI Hair Round Brush MX Professional Tools

  • • Handle made with wood with a thinned neck for a better grip when rolling the hair around the brush.
  • • Fit naturally into your hand. Depending on purchasing time, the wood may have different grains.
  • • Boar and nylon bristles mix in order to work on fine and medium hair.
  • • The nylon bristles will help catching the hair from the roots, making it hard to slip off.