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Osaka C4 Perfect Quality Price Ratio Scissors

  • > First ever Osaka Scissors
  • > Flat blade ideal for general cutting purposes
  • > 440C Hitachi Carbon Steel for a long lasting edge
  • > Simple yet versatile

Osaka Japanese High End Scissors CR

$700.00 $490.00
  • • Carefully crafted one by one, and made with the premium ATS 314 Cobalt.
  • • Great for precision cutting and point cutting thanks to the lightness and control.
  • • Weight located into the handle to increase control.
  • • Smaller rings for hairdressers with smaller fingers.
  • • Uniquely curved shape to reduce muscular fatigue for the elbow, shoulder and wrist while doing scissors over comb.
  • • Easier to reach hair when point cutting hair.
  • • Available in 4 sizes : 5.0 | 5.5 | 6.0 | 6.5 inches

Osaka SAKURA Japanese Thinning Scissors


Free shipping within Australia for all orders over A$150
Free shipping on all international orders over A$200

  • Osaka Sakura is a hybrid between a thinning Scissors and a straight Scissors (Having a Sakura is like having a thinning Scissors and a Straight Scissors at the same time).
  • Uniquely designed teeth in order to texturize the hair efficiently
  • Particularly ideal for scissors over comb work for barbers as it eliminates the need to use both straight and thinning scissors to create a natural blend finish.
  • Carefully made from Premium ATS 314 Japanese Cobalt Steel

Osaka Zeta Ergonomic Cutting Hair Scissors

$350.00 $245.00
  • Light and Powerful Blade for Barbering and Point Cutting
  • Thumb Comfort and Curvature to Avoid Pain on Shoulder, elbow and wrist
  • Twisted Rings in order to improve the grip and stability
  • • Made from 440C High Carbon Steel to enhance the edge