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The Problems We Solve


Painful Shoulder

Painful Elbow

Painful Wrist

Bended Wrist



Osaka® Mikazuki is a jaw dropping curved hairdressing scissors. 

It took 3 years of study and practice to deliver the very best comfort to the hairdresser who can get his hand on it. 

The 25 degree twisted handle and the bended blade makes any fringe cut as easy as slicing butter.

Mika Handle

Twisted Handle

With this innovative handle, your posture will be so natural and relax, you’ll feel like you can cut the whole day. 

Lower naturally the shoulder in order to relieve any muscular fatigue or arms pain. 

Mika Screw

Ball Bearing Screw

The juncture of both blade has been studied to deliver the smoothest cut possible. Strong and reliable, it channel correctly your energy to the blade without any effort. 

Every shears are delivered with a key in order to adjust the default tension to your one. 

MIKA Tenue

In Action

Made For Your Hand

The most ergonomic scissors among the Osaka range has everything to rest your arm while cutting. 

Featuring an extremely twisted thumb rings coupled with an unique curved blade, these iconic shears are made from Japanese VG-10 Cobalt for a long lasting edge.  

Point-Cutting 85%
Slide Cutting 93%
Cutting 90%

Conclusion : What Osaka® Mikazuki Bring

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Relaxed Shoulder

Relaxed Elbow

Rested Wrist

Straight Wrist