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Passion and Osaka brands have been established for 30 years in Europe, United States and United Kingdoms.

We have proudly created and developed our brands across the years with our own distribution network. 

Whether you are already in the industry or looking to enter into the industry, we can get you started with our extensive knowledge and experience.

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Join Our Network

  • 30 years of experience and establishment 

Passion and Osaka have started and established for more than 30 years in U.K and France.

Being reputable, our brands have put the quality first in order to serve the reputation of each and single dealer we work with.

Ongoing sales team training: 

The first thing you would like as a wholesaler is to be ensured that the products you buy from us can be sold easily.

Selling a pair of scissors can be quite technical and so it is important to be equipped with the right knowledge.

In order to ease the process and the turnaround of our products for you, we commit to provide ongoing training for your sales team.

This training includes:

  • Explanations of the specificities of the Osaka and Passion Scissors as well as Sanbi brushes and Kissei cutting combs.
  • Leaflets and booklets for ease of marketing and promotion

  • After-sales service – Sharpening

Selling a pair of scissors without any solid customer service behind it can be difficult.

At Passion and Osaka Scissors, we have our team trained in Japan, Niigata prefecture, to sharpen the scissors in the traditional way,

avoiding any damages to the shears and recreating the edge of the blade.


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